Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Speech Recognition a New Technological Innovation

To survive in a cutthroat competition, it is necessary for every company to stay one-step ahead of their competitors using every available technology. Companies have to find out every possible way that can improve service and better customer's experience. Furthermore, to acquire new customers, companies have to hire more employees to meet customers to convince and educate them about the benefits the company may give them. Moreover, companies need to cut operational expenses without sacrificing customer satisfaction.
Speech recognition is such a technology that came into existence after nearly 30 years of research and development. Speech recognition understands the words spoken by the customers and converts them into text that the computer understands.
Just as we recognize a person by his or her appearance and voice, in the same way, speech technology can help devices observe spoken hints from the surroundings. By hearing unobtrusively and consistently, a voice technology can store information into a program, assisting other sensory sources and help make a better image of a situation.
When this technology is incorporated on the phone, any transactions through the phone can be completed up to 40 percent faster than pressing keys and listening various options before reaching their desired option.
It is proved that behind every successful business there is an effective use of technological innovation that enhances employees' productivity and operational efficiency. So speech recognition can be the best investment for every company that aspires to become or stay ahead as high-performance organizations.
A new development in voice recognition technology has allowed the businesses to improve their customer service drastically. Voice recognition software can prove its relevancy in any sector be it medical services, call centers or agriculture. It can be used to increase productivity while reducing unnecessary work burden on the employees.
Especially in call centers instead of engaging employees in answering phone calls and routing them to the relevant customer care executive, the software can handle the task, allowing the employee to be positioned to handle calls that are more complex.
Simple calls can be handled through the system where customers can guide themselves to the answers they need. As speech technology is further integrated with global positioning systems, businesses can track the real location of their field agents.
In its initial days speech recognition technique had many drawbacks such as background noise or if a person having sore throat or in a different accent talked to the system can confuse the system. This would frustrate the customer. Now this technology has become more advanced and can easily recognize hard to understand accents in the way people speak in the different parts of the world.
The higher, long-term potential of speech recognition can be found in its capability to make business more brilliant and of higher value. Utilizing the wide mobile transmission, speech-based mobility solutions can be the best response to the continuous problems of client connections and their fulfillment. With the integration of Voice Biometric can successfully decrease frauds, and increase customers' satisfaction. A voice-based program is therefore the perfect alternative to present methods of using representatives and call centers, boosting their protection and performance to allow ongoing development. Thus, companies can implement this technological innovation without being apprehensive for security or compatibility for personal or professional use.
A speech recognition and Voice Biometrics work on any cell phone, enabling companies to connect with clients any time irrespective of geographic borders, and in any language. The main point here is that this application is really a boon to improve customer satisfaction as well as helping companies to obtaining greater revenue by simply acquiring new clients as well as having current clients.

By Rajendran Sharma

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