Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Top 10 Reasons to Pay for IT Support

IT support may not be something that you WANT to pay for, but there are lots of reasons why you should. You may be trying to do it on your own. Or you may have individuals on staff that is providing it for you. Either way, it can be advantageous to outsource your IT so that you can enjoy better IT services.
Here are 10 good reasons why you want to pay for your IT support.
  1. It's more affordable. You may not want to believe it, but by working with a third party, you can actually spend less on your IT than paying someone on your staff to focus on it 40 hours a week. And if you pay more than one individual, that's even more money.
  2. You get more. With IT support from a third party, you get to tap into all of the services that they have. You may currently be limited by what your employees (or you) can do. As soon as you reach out for support, you can do more for your company.
  3. Offer a better product to your customers. When your customers go to your website, they want a service. If your website is lacking, they may not be able to pay online or order online. As soon as you get support, you begin offering a better product.
  4. Eliminate downtime. With IT support, you can eliminate or dramatically reduce downtime. If your IT department doesn't know what they are doing, you may have downtime when upgrades are being made. If they take too long, you may lose a lot of money.
  5. Eliminate staff. You can eliminate a lot of unnecessary staff because of learning how to use technology to your advantage. This includes your receptionist thanks to hosted phone solutions.
  6. Help is a phone call away. There are going to be times when you need to know how to do something. If you have IT support, you can pick up the phone and get answers.
  7. Issues won't linger. The moment you need help, help is dispatched to you. This is simply because you are paying to get your problems fixed.
  8. Get the documentation you need. It's important to get a guarantee on your downtime and everything else. If you aren't paying a third party, you don't get this guarantee.
  9. Use technology more efficiently. Technology is everywhere you look, but it may not be in use where you need it the most. Let IT support tell you how to enhance your business with all of the latest software and all of the latest process management that is currently out on the market.
  10. Utilize your time better. You don't have time to focus on every aspect of IT, which means you should hand it off to someone else. The money that you spend in IT services will come back to because of being able to work on more projects - and even enhance your sales so that you can increase profits.
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By Jeff Weigang

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