Thursday, 27 February 2014

Benefits of Reponsive Design

In today's world where mobile devices are fast gaining popularity and are infect replacing laptops and desktops, a large segment of users prefer to carry out most of the tasks using these. In fact so fast has been the growth rate in this segment that neither social networking platforms like Facebook nor the major e-commerce vendors can overlook this segment now. It is therefore important in these times to have the website mobile ready so as not to miss a major chunk of traffic coming visit the mobile devices. There are many ways in which a website may cater to the mobile devices but responsive design is the one
that has become most popular in recent time owing to the many benefits it accrues. In this article we will outline some of the major advantages of this approach:
1] One consolidated website that gives the same user experience as there is no need to have a separate URL with a different mobile copy of the website.
2] Since there is no need for a separate mobile copy of the website, this approach proves to be cheaper and less time taking where as to build a separate mobile site would mean investing more time and resources. This also proves to be quiet effective in terms of man hours since the administrator dos not need to manage two separate websites.
3] Maintaining the aesthetics. Responsive design allows the website to break the website vertically and fit it in according device screen size thus allowing all the images and styles to b kept intact. It also eliminates the need to cut down on images as well as using smaller sized images.
4] Major search engines like Google not only prefers but in fact recommends that the website be responsive since responsive sites use a single URL to cater to the mobile as well as computer traffic, this makes it easy for the search engines to keep track by crawling and indexing the sites. Such sites are often given preference when users search for local service specially, via mobile devices.
5] Increased conversion rate. As outlines earlier many a users nowadays prefer browsing the net using mobile devices. If such users land on a website that is not responsive, they would have a hard time browsing such a website with both vertical and horizontal scrolls. There is also a high probability that website may be rendered improperly on the device. Such users are most likely to leave the website quickly this increasing the bounce rate. Whereas for a responsive website the changes are much higher that the user will stay on and browse the website. This becomes very important in context of e-commerce websites where this may result in higher conversion rates and sales.
With this we have outlined the major benefits of responsive design as briefly as we could without beating around the bush. We hope that this will help you understand the importance of responsive design and would encourage you to adopt this yourself. So go in for responsive design and stay a step ahead of your competitors.

By A. Chaudhary

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