Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Best Bluetooth Handset for Home

The Bluetooth handset for home is gradually becoming as omnipresent as the Bluetooth mobile phone. They naturally complement each other in terms of cost efficiency and convenience, especially when using the telephone services. In the near future, as the technology continues to advance further, every cordless phone is expected to become Bluetooth cordless phone. This will allow for automatic pairing with Smartphones and cell phones the moment you enter your home.
Just as the Smartphone industry is currently experiencing a lot of competition as a result of new companies joining in, so is this industry likely to face the same in the coming years, as more companies are beginning to take an interest in the growing market. Having taken over the world of mobile and personal communication, Bluetooth technology is about to become a benchmark feature of small office and home phone system.
Currently, there are more than 3 excellent Bluetooth handsets in the market. Vtech, Panasonic, and Siemens Companies are the industry leaders. Of the three, Vtech offers the best Bluetooth handset for home with a stylish Bluetooth handset that constantly and reliably pair with a wide variety of mobile handsets. However, Panasonic has launched a vicious competitor that is receiving a lot of impressive reviews; the Panasonic KX-TG6583T.
When you arrive at home, your mobile handset automatically pairs with the cordless phone system. You may choose to leave them in the charging cradle or on a desktop provided that they do not surpass the Bluetooth range, which is about 30 ft from your base station. After they pair, it becomes possible for you to answer or make mobile phone calls via the cordless handsets.
The advantages of Bluetooth handset for home
As mentioned above, by pairing with mobile phones and other related gadgets such as earpieces and headsets, the cordless phone hinders or even eliminates the many variances between the Bluetooth phone and cell phone. For instance, upon entering your office or arriving at home, they pair automatically with your Bluetooth handset. This way they allow you to use the cordless phones to answer or make cell phone calls.
It allows you to answer mobile phone calls from any of the various cordless handsets situated in your entire apartment or house.
Generally, they are more comfortable to use compared to cell phones. Most people prefer relaxing and taking pleasure in leisurely phone conversations once at home, instead of dealing with a mobile phone.
Apart from increasing convenience and comfort, Bluetooth handsets for home and cell phones are in fact very complimentary. Together they prevail over various issues, such as dead zones or weak receptions within your home and excessive exposure to mobile phone radiation.
By allowing you to make mobile phone calls from a standard cordless phone, it becomes more opportune to use free mobile phone minutes. In fact, most users prefer to have their landline services disconnected and answer/make all calls using cellular networks. They way they are able to achieve profits within a short period.
Usually, they are either DECT Bluetooth phones or 5.8 phones. The former are immune to interruptions from WiFi, and offer extended talk-time and an excellent handset range. Depending on the model and design of your device, you can pair at least 2 mobiles and use their services to make external calls from any cordless handset closest to you. This is even more compelling for those with mobile phone plans that offer free talk time.

By Sharmistha Chanda

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