Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Load Test Software Can Help Eliminate Problems After Website Launch

Every company in the world has a website. Customers using the internet to source products and services have increased astronomically over the years with the majority of customers that purchase in-store, still doing online research before making any purchases.
Customers are also likely to compare prices with other companies while they stand in a store, ensuring they are getting the best deals. What this means is that you need a fast loading website, which enables customers to find what they are looking for in the shortest period of time.
As with any website, there will be some problems along the way, but these can be managed and fixed before launch using load test software.
The first step is to choose the load test software you want to use. There are a number of options available, so its worthwhile doing some homework, seeing how each one compares in terms of what it checks and it's reporting and then makes a purchase. You should complete this step before you start on the website development stages; you want the load test software ready from the first stages of your design.
Whether you're developing the site yourself or you've hired a team, this type of software should be used throughout the process. You should start testing as early as possible, ensuring that the site can manage the load before you launch it to your customers.
Put a plan in place, your developer should have targets they have to meet each week. You should get a complete report as and when each target is met, helping you ensures that the site development is on track. Incorporated into this you should ensure that the developer uses the load test software you have purchased and puts the stages through the necessary testing processes as part of this weekly report.
The advantage to this is that any problems can be identified immediately and fixed; it reduces the risk of the site costing you more money in the long run. The last thing you want is to launch your site and after a couple of weeks, realize there is a problem as more and more customers visit the site. The site should be able to manage large volumes of visitors without being compromised in terms of speed and affect ability.
Focus on the load testing at all times. This should be an important part of the entire development process and can help you ensure that your site is ready when it comes to launch day. Also it will help you determine how many users can be online at any given time, if you are expecting large volumes, this software will help you ensure that your site can manage what is thrown its way.
Load test software should also enable you to run duration tests to see the system's behavior and what is its breaking point, so to speak. This will also help you determine how the system will react after a crash.
Any software you purchase should have a reporting feature, which will help you keep track of the systems progress as you move through the development stages. The advantage to this is that as and when repairs are carried out to fix identified problems, you can revert to the report to see if improvements have been made and what still requires work.
In the long run, this software is designed to help you ensure that the site you launch is ready for a large volume of customers for long durations of time. If there are any hardware, software, coding or memory issues, you can pick it up straight away and fix the problem before moving on to the next stage.
By Simon Pri

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