Friday, 28 February 2014

Cell Phone Detector Security Devices

If you are a business manager, or otherwise responsible for safeguarding your company's assets, here are five important technologies you should consider as part of your security solution.
Entrance alarms
For any business location, however large or small, security starts at the perimeter. Any possible point of entry should be equipped with an alarm system. In many cases, this works in conjunction with electronic ID cards that are issued to employees, who can use them to operate electronic locks. Electronic locks can also be used to restrict access to sensitive areas within the building, such as computer server rooms or research labs, where only authorized personnel are allowed.
Closed-circuit television
Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are one of the most efficient and effective ways of monitoring the safety and security of business premises. Many public premises such as retail locations make a point of placing CCTV monitors prominently where would-be shoplifters will see them and, hopefully, be deterred from committing a crime. In offices and manufacturing facilities, cameras can help ensure employees are not indulging in inappropriate behavior of any kind. They can also help with employee safety in locations such as parking lots (monitoring for automobile break-ins, for example).
Motion detectors
Motion detectors can be deployed to detect the presence of unauthorized visitors in a wide variety of locations. Their advantage over security cameras is that they do not rely on the vigilance of an operator staring at a screen to spot an intrusion. Instead, any movement that triggers the detectors will set off an alarm that alerts security personnel. Motion detectors can be used to complement a building perimeter security system. Even if an intruder somehow manages to get into the building, he will set off an alarm as soon as he enters any area protected by a motion detector.
RF detectors
cell phone detector and RF detection devices identify emissions from various kinds of electronic equipment. These can be used to signal the presence of a variety of threats to security, including hidden microphones, cameras, and even GPS trackers. In some cases, it may be appropriate to use a cell phone detector, which is a type of RF detector that is specifically designed to detect cell phone transmissions in areas where these are prohibited.
Fire alarms and smoke detectors
Last, but by no means least, are precautions against fire. A fire is perhaps the most devastating disaster that can hit a business. It can completely destroy business premises, and all of the records, inventory, computer systems, and everything else that a business relies on to function. It is imperative that you install fire alarms and smoke detectors that, at minimum, meet the regulations that govern your commercial premises, and ensure that these are regularly maintained and tested.

By Mavis Black 

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