Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Champion 2000W Inverter Generator

The Champion 2000W inverter generator, along with the rest of the range, represents excellent value for money. They are reliable, well built and extremely quiet. They definitely give the big two manufacturers a run for their money. Champion seem to have decided that the only way for them to achieve their aims is to be reliable, give good customer service and provide value for money. They appear to have achieved their aims. If you read through the many reviews given by owners of these machines you will find that the vast majority of buyers love their little Champion.
A serious consideration, given the quality of the reviews received, has got to be the price. For the price of a 2000 watt unit from the market leader you could almost buy two Champion 2000W Inverter Generators. Now this is actually a very good idea. The generators are stackable and if connected together with the optional cable you can double the output. By reading the reviews of the Champion 2000W inverter generator you will see that even with two of these generators running, normal conversation is not affected at all.
Just like the 'big two' market leaders generators, the stated wattage, in this case 2000 watts, is a maximum output. No generators are happy to be run flat out all the time. A more sensible running output would be around 1500 to 1600 watts at 120 volts. This is where dual connected generators score big time. If you're using the generator for just a few lights plus TV and battery charging etc you can run just a single unit, saving money on gas. However, if you are holidaying in a RV you may wish to run the air conditioning. This will require the second generator to be hooked up.
It is a fact that if you choose to buy the market leaders 3000 watt unit, you are going to have to spend around $2000. If, on the other hand you were to buy two Champion 2000W inverter generators you could get change from $1200! An added benefit is that the well known brand is extremely heavy at 130 pounds, not easy for a single person to lift. The Champion 2000W on the other hand weighs less than 55 pounds, easy to lift and move.
Key features of the Champion 2000W Inverter Generator.
  • True sine wave inverter generator.
  • Save fuel by using economy mode.
  • Overload protection.
  • Up to 9.5 hours run time at 25% load.
  • Weighs just under 50lbs.
  • Emissions: CARB compliant- 50 State.
  • Easy pull recoil start.
  • Automatic low oil shut-off sensor.
  • USDA approved spark arrestor.
  • Stackable design.
  • Parallel capability. Connect two units together for double output.
  • Very quiet in operation, around 53 decibels.
  • Separate 12 volt connection for battery charging.
  • Two year guarantee
You'll notice that these features are typical of much more expensive models than the Champion. Another thing that Champion has in common with the two market leaders is the quality of the reviews provided by real people that have purchased this model. The only thing that Champion does not have in common with the two big boys, is the price.
If you are looking into the pro's and con's of the different makes of generator, you need to look at the Champion range. Their prices are extremely competitive and you can have confidence in the reviews left by customers who actually own one. Tailgating, camping, RV, sports pitchers, motorcycle sport? You name it, you can only benefit if you have your own independent power.
By Stewart Haynes 

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